Wednesday, July 8, 2015

the MACK

The latest custom Harley Davidson motorcycle by DP Customs was built to perform flawlessly and look good in the process. Nicknamed ‘The Mack’, the bike was rebuilt from the ground up and features a perfect blend of vintage styling and modern performance thanks to a new 1250cc motor outfitted with high-performance cylinders, pistons, valves, cams, and ported heads, an Ohlins suspension, carbon fiber wheels, and Brembo brakes.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

1978 Gold Winged Kustom

After fighting the itch to customize a Honda Gold Wing for long enough, graphic designer turned bike builder Scott Halbleib settled on this dusty 1978 Honda Gold Wing that had been sitting for years. Scott completely stripped the bike down to bare minimum, including the frame and engine, and reassembled it as a naked hot rod bike.

Notable features include custom fabricated wheel covers by Mooneyes, a modified airbox with a large billet breather, drag bars, Moto Gadget switches, a GPS speedometer, and LED taillight, Progressive rear shocks, a custom fabricated seat pan, and modified dual rectangular exhaust tips. Learn more about this custom bike at h garage.

Harley Forty-Eight Custom

What was once a mere Harley Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight motorcycle is now a modern day rideable piece of art thanks to Shaw Speed & Custom. The English shop gave the bike a cafe racer-inspired gas tank, a custom-fabricated fork, 13-inch brake rotors and Performance Machine calipers, 21-inch wheels, a quick-action race throttle, and both a customized Ducati Panigale front fairing and a shortened exhaust system to give the bike an overall British look. Learn more at Shaw Speed & Custom.

High Noon Cafe Racer

Kawasaki W650 High Noon Cafe Racer - Speedwerks . A brutal work coming from Delaware, United States. To bring a bike with a bestial appearance and a well-defined transformation.

Brembo brakes, spoked wheels, handlebars, headlamp with integrated speedometer, Accossato handles, footrests delayed and the big paint job, you get as a result the Kawasaki W650 Cafe Racer "High Noon" of Speedwerks.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Goodbye Burt's Bees' Legendary icon

“Burt Shavitz, our co-founder and namesake, has left for greener fields and wilder woods,” read a statement on the Burt’s Bees homepage. “We remember him as a bearded, free-spirited Maine man, a beekeeper, a wisecracker, a lover of golden retrievers and his land. Above all, he taught us to never lose sight of our relationship with nature.”

Shavitz’s story is pretty amazing: He was a hippie beekeeper making money by selling honey until he met a hitchhiker named Roxanne Quimby. In the 1980s, Quimby started making products from Shavitz’s beeswax, which ultimately formed the foundation for Burt’s Bees. The company made $20,000 in its first year of operations and quickly expanded to making lip balm, soaps and other cosmetics.

In 1999, Quimby bought Shavitz out of the company for around $130,000. In 2007, Clorox got it for $925 million.

The 2013 documentary Burt’s Buzz focused on Shavitz’s life post-cosmetics empire — in particular, how things ended up with Quimby, who later reportedly gave him $4 million and 37 acres. Shavitz insisted he wasn’t upset.

“I’ve got everything I need,” he said in an interview with the New Yorker. “A nice piece of land with hawks and owls and incredible sunsets, and the good will of my neighbors.”

XS650 Custom Yamaha Caferacer

Thrive Motorcycle is an independent custom garage based in Jakarta. Founded by a bunch of people who believe in revulsion. We build motorcycle every day and ride them every night. We designed what we thought, and try to make them real.
The unusual fuel tank had to be fabricated by hand before being painted matte black and paired with a handmade leather saddle. A pair of clip-on handlebars were added with leather wrapped grips, a square headlight replaced the original circular unit and a new set of low-profile blinkers were added front and back.

One of the more unusual elements has to be that rear fender, it’s been cleverly designed to house the stop light and was angled to catch spray at speeds of under 40mph – about as fast as you’d ever want to go in the rain on the busy streets of Jakarta.

Yamaha XS650 is a rare motorcycle in Indonesia. The relatively small but highly populated island chain is overflowing with buzzing little motorcycles in the 50cc to 125cc range with anything over 250cc being considered “big” – the caused some significant difficulty for the team at Thrive Motorcycles when they were approached by a new client who wanted a Yamaha XS650 custom and adamantly refused to be talked out of it.

Risk everything, Regret nothing

Death-defying feats have fascinated mankind for centuries. From sword swallowers to human cannonballs, the daredevils of history have risked life and limb to draw a crowd. Few performers gained lasting fame. But in the 1970’s a motorcycle-jumping stuntman from Butte, Montana vaulted this tradition from its sideshow origins to unthinkable heights of popularity and influence.

Evel Knievel made the leap from rural county fairs to sold-out stadiums through a unique combination of bravado, determination, and promotional genius. He invented himself and his business, jumping, crashing, and miraculously recovering to promise even more outrageous stunts to come.

Yamaha XV950 Sidecar

The Deus X Yamaha XV950 D-Side has an ample amount of torque and a modern suspension setup. This Yamaha XV950 has a simplistic design, and it didn’t involve any cutting or welding. It has a custom rear frame and an artificial suede Alcantara seat unit on top. The Deus Milano X Yamaha XV950 sidecar is flowing with contemporary style without compromising its rideability and fun.