Saturday, July 31, 2010

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Argentina Works

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The Art of Fabio Viale

“Fabio Viale is an Italian sculptor who works with marble. He currently lives and works in Torino.”

A Chevy

Danny Trejo

Nothing but Steel

Megan Daniels for TITS

T.I.T.S. x Estevan Oriol Ft. Megan Daniels Photoshoot from TITS Brand

Jaime got a Vision

© Jaime Ibarra Photography |

Swallows & Daggers

Brooklyn from the Traditional Tattoo & World Culture Fest in Ireland, the latest issue of the wonderful Swallows & Daggers tattoo zine waiting.

Swallows & Daggers highlights Traditional and Neo-Traditional tattooing, promoting established and up-n-coming artists working in these styles. And they do so in the coolest of old school and new school ways by offering a paper zine (almost like a tattoo newspaper) with a dynamic blog. Bookmark it!

You can order the hard copy zine, as well as the digital version, through their online store, which also includes flash, tattoo books, prints, and some nice looking tees.

I particularly love the thoughtful tattoo interviews, but also check their section on the meanings behind common tattoo motifs, their growing convention coverage, and sketchbook reviews. In fact, there's a great article in this latest issue that explores the good and bad of mass-produced sketchbooks sold by tattooists and suppliers. ["Do they show a tattooer's particular approach to design or just make it easier for the uncreative?"]

Light it Up

Friday, July 30, 2010


First, notice the S&S Shovelhead engine usually not associated with such a high tech bike design, but why not? The pair of Rev Tech wheels in a cool 23″ x 3.5″ size. And of course the very unusual rear suspension system position via dual shocks. This one must have required a lot of trials and errors before being set correctly. But of course no risk for the the rear fender being hit by the tire since it is attached and moving with the swing-arm. Is it easy, comfortable to ride? Of course not, so it’s not necessary to launch such a debate. Merit is in the body fabrication work, including a one-off mono shock suspension front end whose design flowing into the bars is quite pretty. Well, may be Jhomba Malicia will want to comment about his own bike, hopefully before the next World Cup Of Soccer. Malicia Indigena Madrid. (pictures H. Roesler)

Gimme a Bite

Pins by Celeste

Shiny Bits

Pins & Inks VIII

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kustom Tape

X-Tape by Jeong-Min Lee & Hyoung-Min Park looks like hinges.

Reality Bitez

Who cares if they're not DOT approved, they look cool. Safety can take a back seat to style any day, amirite? No, no that's a good way to die young and still leave a crappy looking corpse.

Irony of the Day

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Monks Never Die

"Tibetan ritual human skull cup. Skull cap is hinged to reveal a bowl underneath for ritual use. Decorated with nickel fixtures and semi-precious stones.

The bowl is the real human skull of a Tibetan monk. These are used by lamas during New Year's celebrations to drink a concoction made of human blood and wine."

Known Gallery

For LA homies, this Saturday July 31st, Known Gallery will present Bob Roberts & Bert Krak's Ladies Welcome show, which will run until August 21st.

What's particularly exciting about the show, in addition to the art on view of course, is the release of In A World of Compromise...I Don't by Bob Roberts -- the first book ever on the tattoo legend.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010