Monday, August 30, 2010


White Lightning

Lightweight, nimble like a rabbit, and completely utilitarian, this bike built by Gard Hollinger of LA Chop Rods is less for show and all about the go. Rather than hiding things, and keeping "it" sanitary, as most builders do, Gard let the parts speak for themselves, and took the "let it all hang out there" approach. That's not to say the bike doesn't have clean lines, because it does. Check how Gard ran the rear brake and hydraulic clutch lines tight to the single loop down tube, not with zip ties, but with welded mounts and rubber grommets.

Master Andy Silvers

Future Boardtracker

Photography by Mike Chase
Carl Brouhard's name is synonymous with style. Whether it be at the Bonneville Salt Flats on the world's fasted bagger, aboard a twin-turbo pro street chopper, or riding this here nuevo boardtracker, his design essence wreaks biker panache.


1955 Harley Davidson FLH. Made For Mexican Mayhem
From the August, 2010 issue of Hot Bike
Photography by Josh Kurpius

Mean Machine

B&W Tat

Fuel it Up

True Religion

Erin Wasson and Tommy Dunn sitting atop Evilspirit Engineering's own Rabbit - as part of True Religion Brand Jean's new Fall 2010 advertising campaign.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Requiem for a Dying Song

There's a government whip
Cracked a across your back
Where the order of the day
Is don't listen attack
See the blood run down
In your bushwhacked town
Revolution is the gimmick
Of a joker-less clown
Another volley's just the the ammo
For the tax-man's gun

Talk, don't talk if you've nothin' to say
Walk, don't walk if our feet don't know the way

Flogging Molly

Art but True

Kustomed Tea

1916 Nose Art

Line Tank