Friday, April 30, 2010

Kustom Beer Bottle

Pavel Gubin designed this gorgeous mug-shaped bottle for Forgeron’s Belgian dark ale, topping it off with a frothy beer head cap cover.

Muce Choppers

Simson produced more than 300,000 motorcycles of the type AWO 425. There was 2 models: touring and sport. A 1960 sport model that was shaft driven with 250 cc four stroke engine and twin shock rear suspension is the platform for this custom motorcycle. Bikers from East European countries seem to be still very attached to this brand and I guess it’s the reason why Zsolt Muller from Muce Choppers in Hungary spent so much time and money customizing it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Master Dvicente

by Dvicente


Chopped Norton Commando

Build in Austria by a shop called Blech Und Drueber, this very 70’s looking chopper uses a hand made rigid frame with a reasonable 43-degree of rake and is particular light due to extensive use of aluminum for the gas tank, rear fender, seat pan, oil tank, etc all formed by Bernhard Naumann and Martin Lagler. The front fork is also a one-off stainless steel Girder, with a front wheel using a drum brake while the unusual 21″ rear wheel is slowed by a sprocket bake system.

Kustom Plastic Gloves

Time Travel

Awesome KR750 was the machine that carried all the greats of the Harley-Davidson.

350 Velocette in 1940. This bike was the first velocette with a sprung frame but no shocks. This was one of only 2 bikes the factory built for the 1940 Isle of Man TT.


by Ink Guru mr. Cartoon.

Yuri Shif Style

It’s mysteriously called Gustav Skippone, for reasons only known to its owner Vladimir Kristovskiy. As with DUster, the paintwork is unusually pale for a custom, but the retro-inspired cream color strangely works. The bike is built around a powerhouse 107ci S&S V-twin motor. By BikeExif.


Busty Toccara Jones has shot with famed photographer Steven Meisel For Vogue Italia.


Great classic curves on the Lucra LC470. Starting at $85,000