Monday, May 31, 2010


Created to prototype a system that could be retrofitted to any two-wheeler, the TreMoto Monstrosity is the product of two University of Mississippi graduates who want to turn their senior project into a viable business. Similar to the front end of the Piaggio MP3 500, the TreMoto Monstrosity is intended to work just like a regular motorcycle, just one immune to lowsides. Lean angles past 45 degrees remain possible, but the system really comes into its own in slippery conditions where the added grip and stability drastically improves safety and speed.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

RIOT Wheel

RIOT Wheel just might take the cake as the most bizarre. It’s an 1100 pound single wheeled vehicle with the driver in front. It runs a Honda 4 stroke engine at 6 hp to move the monowheel at a top speed of 21mph. Of course you wouldn’t want to drive this thing any faster than the speed at which heads turn because when you ride it, that’s exactly what happens- heads turn. It was originally designed for Burning Man, natch, but it’s being featured on Discovery Channel’s Monster Nation. The builders’ goal is to make a second updated version of the RIOT Wheel that will set the monowheel land speed record and use a hybrid engine thus becoming the first electric vehicle to hold any land speed record in over 100 years.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The story of this new V-Rod based custom motorcycle by well known French Custom Builder Bertrand “Pikasso” Dubet.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


His Way or Highyway?

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max schaff


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The "Bride"

Behold: Joe Capobianco's limited edition sexy art toy called "The Bride."

Live Free

Live Free
is a documentary short on Royal Street Tattoo written by Bijani Casalan and directed by Michael Howell. Although Live Free features Royal Street Tattoo and “covers the philosophy of tattooing as seen from the eyes of the artists at the shop” the documentary goes much deeper. 15 minutes in length, this short is definitely worth the time to view.

Click here to view Royal Street’s work.



Kustom Drawer

by Peter Rolfe.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photo Retro

Ladies at War

Photography and styling Julia Galdo

Old Boys!!

The Chap is constantly being asked such plaintive questions as "Where can I buy a Donegal Tweed cap?" and "Which shops sell sock suspenders?" We therefore opened a modest little general store for gentlemen. Each of our eight departments is dedicated to serving an essential area of the gentleman's interests, from the tip of his tache to the center of his liver.


Frederick Fortune is a graphic designer in the San Francisco bay area with a passion for motorcycles. He sent in this story about his amazing replica of the Cyclone board track racer. The real thing is worth around half a million dollars: this is the tale of a man who decided to build one himself.

“Forget it, you can’t have one.”

Purple Joker

2 Bikes - 1 Japan

Good Trike, Bad Pipe