Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kustom Kulture Legend | Dean Jeffries

1967 Pontiac GTO Monkeemobile

Legendary painter, customizer, racer, and stuntman Dean Jeffries is one of those guys whose soft-spoken nature has allowed other, more self-promoting figures (read: George Barris, the Don King of Kustom Kulture) to steal a lot of his thunder. Barris has tried to hire on Jeffries as an employee many times over the years, and Jeffries always rebuffed– preferring either to rent his own space, or work freelance. Their histories are forever entwined, and the tales of rivalry, and particularly Barris’ trickery, are the stuff of legend. Many of Dean Jeffries’ most recognized works (like the Monkeemobile, for one)– George Barris came behind and unrightfully claimed credit for them. It’s dumbfounding and downright sleazy– we’ll get to that later.

Dean Jeffries grew up immersed in Los Angeles auto culture– his dad was a mechanic, and next door to his dad’s garage was a bodyshop. The young Jeffries was drawn to the creative expression allowed in bodywork over turning a wrench (“too greasy!”) like his ol’ man– the bodyshop became his hangout of choice. After returning from the Korean War, he became buddies with another future legend of Kustom Kulture– Kenny Howard (AKA Von Dutch), and started pinstriping.

“We’d do freelance pinstriping on our own, then get together and hang out. I also worked during the day at a machine shop doing grinding. But pinstriping really took off then–I was painting little pictures and medallions on cars. My first job was pinstriping a boat. I didn’t have no shop back then. You were lucky if you got $5 for a whole car. If you got $25 in your pocket in a day you were King Kong. I thought it was great.” –Dean Jeffries

More than anything else, I’ll always remember Dean Jeffries for painting the infamous “Little Bastard” badge on the Porsche owned by his racing buddy– James Dean.

“For years Barris claimed he painted it– now he just says he can’t remember and somebody in his shop painted it. Sure. I used to bum around with James Dean. I wasn’t trying to be his movie friend. We just had car stuff between us. We hung out, got along together real bitchin’. But one day Dean asked me to paint those words on his car, and I just did it.” –Dean Jeffries (from the theselvedgeyard)


'58 Impala


Italian Way

Guzzi Corsa 1928

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vintage Metzeler - 2011 Calendar


by Designflavour ltd.

Black Axe

  • Owner – David Uhl
  • Custom 1940 El Knucklehead Engine
  • EL Bottom end with UL Flywheels
  • 74 cubic inch Top End
  • Little Linkert air cleaner by Goodson


  • Flash Gordan Chromed
  • Stock Exhaust customized with Goodson heat shields


  • 1940 Fatbobs axed with waterfall decals inlaid in the sides
  • Gas ball shut-off valve by Goodson


  • 1927 Essex Speedo customized by John Bordas signed by David Uhl
  • Rear fender axed with 1940 HD beehive tail light inlaid by Goodson


  • Front 21” spoker with Avon Tire
  • Rear 16” spoker with Avon Tire