Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The Ner-a-Car is a truly unusual motorcycle, built in the 1920s. It was an American design dating from 1918 or so which was produced under license in England. The model designation is a pun on the designer's name - Carl Neracher - which also reflects the vehicle's car-like layout. The Ner-a-Car had a monocular frame and a sat-back riding position with a huge front mudguard and generous foot-boards. It was easy to clamber on to, simple to operate, and it provided a 'cleaner' experience than the mainstream motorcycles of the day. Although the American audience quickly decided they wanted real cars, the Ner-a-Car found a real following in the UK.

The first bikes were fitted with 211cc two-stroke engines, then a 285cc engine arrived in 1923. Two years later, a side valve 348cc motor was used to drive a three-speed gearbox, and then in 1926 an overhead valve version was made available. However, by 1927 the UK distributor had run onto financial rocks, and the last of around 6500 British-built Ner-a-Cars left the factory. MORE HERE

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