Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Art of Rubber

Korean artist Yong Ho Ji makes amazing sculptures out of used tires.

Slow Rider

1911 Fiat Tipo 6 Holbrook 4 Passenger

Motto of the Day

Go East

by Waldemar-Kazak

Speed Up With AIR

- Concept and illustration by Chow Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse -

Ural Quartermaster

Ural builds rugged sidecar motorcycles able to endure the worst roads and weather conditions. And when both companies collaborate for a custom bike project, the result is what you are looking at. The Donor bike was a SoloT Ural inspired by Soviet naval ships, a true beast of burden and one for “end of days” use. The objective was to increase the bike long range and off-road abilities, requiring some intensive modifications.

Frame got fitted with an oversized backbone, a reinforced swingarm, braced headstock and high clearance subframe and a very long travel suspension. The Quatermaster is surefooted with knobbed Continental tires to handle any terrain without a road. Fuel tank capacity was increased. Custom skid plate, crash hoops, and high-mount hand-formed fenders get the bike ready to discover any unknown path.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Motto of the Night

Jesse is Back!

He is relaunching West Coast Choppers. It is almost 4 years that the brand was silent, but the brand equity or goodwill that Jesse owns with West Coast Choppers never faded, quite the opposite. The more difficult it was to order a custom from him, buy one of his parts, or a piece of his logo gear and clothing, the bigger the WCC brand grew, both here in the US and abroad. A name and a brand encompassing through logo, image and perception the best of what is the Chopper Kulture.

A new West Coast Choppers website was built and is intended to be the “Base Camp” of all what Jesse has done and of all what he is doing right now. It is already filled with what can be called “The WCC Archives”, a gallery of almost all his famous bikes and rods, memory pictures, etc. And of course an online store under a so Jesse James slogan “Give Money. Get Stuff” and where you can place orders for exclusive custom parts, accessories, and clothing, ladies not forgotten. WCC does worldwide shipping and has already distribution representation in Tokyo, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. (from CyrilHuze Blog)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Elf Cafe

Harley Cafe Racer, this bike differs from that one quite significantly and has been styled in the spirit of the Tyrrell P34 Formula One car.
The powerplant in the Del Ray is a 1200cc v-twin Harley-Davidson unit running through a 5-speed transmission, the exhaust was fabricated in house by DP Customs to fit the frame and the standard (often slippery) Dunlops were passed over in favour of a set of sticky, F1 inspired Pirellis.

Thursday, February 7, 2013