Friday, August 31, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mad on the Road

Steampunk KTM

MaceTech Industries’ latest build started out as a 2000 model KTM 640 Adventure, with a water-cooled 625cc single cylinder hidden under acres of plastic. MaceTech Industries via their Facebook page.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Top 3 of 2012 Sturgis AMD World Championship Of Bike Building

2012 World Champion: 
Shop: Thunderbike in Hammiken, Germany.
Name Of The Bike: PainTTless
Builder: Andreas & Crew
Engine: 1984 Sportster Iron
Transmission: HD WLA 750
2nd Place:
Shop: LC Fabrications in Crawford, Virginia USA
Name Of The Bike: Old Black
Builder: Jeremy Cupp
Engine: 1976 Ironhead 900
3rd Place: 
Shop: Abnormal Cycles, Milan, Italy
Name Of The Bike: Speed Demon
Builder: Samuele Reali
Engine: 74″ Harley JD

AnBu XS650 Full Cowl

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This Erik Rulez

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Bird of Skull

Motto of the Night

BMW K75 Tatanka

The Moto Sumisura "Tatanka 75" started out life as a BMW K75 which at the time of production was labeled as BMW's cheapest motorcycle. Regardless of it's less than flattering "point of difference" the K75 was a solid performer capable of 4.6 second 0-100 times and a top speed of around 120mph (193kmh). This particular K75 was the full fairing, road touring model in electric blue with roaring panther stickers on the front end. Trimmed fairings, a small headlight with brush guard, gum grips, powder coated rims, low profile indicators and a custom leather clad seat complete the transformation of the BMW. The final product is a much leaner bike that weighs considerably less than it's stock 227kg form.

Rise it Up! Baby

Steak House Rod