Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo DaVinci
bike by Shinya Kimura "needle bike"

Before & After

This is a Yamaha YZ 450. Absolutely very cool.


Who is Cayser Soze?
He is supposed to be Turkish.
Some say his father was German.
Nobody believed he was real.


Motto of the Day

"The earth was made round so we would never be able
to see too far down the road."

Karen Blixen

Retro Indian '47

Great looking bike... "The bike has a vintage pushbike theme, with its wide pull back bars, curved frame rails and mid mount foot controls that forces the rider to be transported mentally, back to the past" Shane says. More beautiful photos and details on Shane's Indian-Retro47 blog.

Francis Barnett Motorcycles

Francis Barnett, an old English motorcycle manufacturer based in Coventry and specializing in frames made from “triangulated straight tubes”. Being a fan of old faired-engine motorbikes their flagship offering in the late 1930s was an incredible-looking 250cc two-stroke single that is noted in the history books as one of the first ever motorbikes to sport an engine fairing.

Great Frog of London

Biker Skull Ring! Meet the beautiful new edition to the family.

Helly Randomz