Monday, February 15, 2010

Mixed Styles

Hill Climber
This bike came together from a pile of parts, it uses a 40's Matchless G3 frame, GM speedway engine, Burman gearbox, Suzuki RM125 front wheel, Husquarvana front rim (used on rear) with Bultaco hub, Brooks bicycle seat.

Bike was a '78 CB750 K8.

Cross Breed

Alfa V6 engine in an aftermarket hard-tail frame, with a 4-speed Harley gearbox and kick start.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

3 more days to go

KustomKing is in Cape Town Camps Bay (25 C) watching 3mt waves and will back in 3 days.
Thank you for all your messages.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Insane Copper

Insane Custom Cycle; Defiling The Copper Chopper.
From his time at Exile through the present at his own Insane Custom Cycles, most of Johnny Goodson's bikes are proud to be a monochrome blend of black, polished metal, and a little more black. However, if you're not Russell Mitchell, black bikes have a hard time making it into magazines, or even attracting much attention at a show when surrounded by a slew of outlandishly colored and styled creations but The Copper Chopper is a bike built to kill a few stereotypes.

Aped Bicycle


Less but True

Sick Ba$}#rd

Sir Lancelot by Sick Bastard Choppers

El Sicko

Kawa 650