Friday, September 30, 2011

Be Unknown 2 be known

All in...

True Japs

Zero Types

Zero Engineering. A builder synonymous of vintage, old school styling bikes without any bling, and until now always featuring goose-neck rigid frames and springer front forks. For most of you, the “ZERO” chopper style is only the “Samurai” rigid frame model introduced in the US in 2002 after many years of prior success in Japan. And now, after two years of development, Zero Engineering is launching the Type 9 model featuring a Formula 1 racing inspired Multi-Link Susoension System. As a matter of fact the rear suspension system based on articulating the rear tubes of the frame has been tried with more or less success by several builders on one-off customs. From Cyril Huze.

Hand Knife

Pink Lips

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

True Romance

by D.Vicente

Miss Pin

B1ock iz Basic

I want to ride my Bicycle

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Better in Cages

“Thy Will Be Done” Art Show 


Waiting in the wings

Bobbed Samurai

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