Friday, June 12, 2015

BMW Cafe Saltracer

This BMW Saltracer created to set new speed records in Speed ​​Week of the Salt Lake Gairdner in South Australia. Based BMW R80 1987 BMW engine a thrust r100 gives a whole 1000cc.

Apart from the impressive work of mechanical and modifications have had to Skrunkwerks Australian builders, what I like about this job is the design, choice of colors, tires, inverted fork and racing parts that give a Cafe Racer bestial aspect.

The Power of Pixel

8000 RPM Run Free

"RPM" , Revolution per Minutes is a measure of the frequency of a rotation. It annotates the number of turns completed in one minute around a fixed axis. It is used as a measure of rotational speed of a mechanical component.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road Lego Vehicles

Put your hands together for Flickr user and master LEGO builder Will, ladies and gentleman. He’s created tiny versions of Princess, Gigahorse and the Earsplitter/Doof Wagon using nothing but LEGOs. For the Gigahorse, which in the movie is a modified 1959 Caddilac driven by the primary antagonist, Immortan Joe, Will used a modified Ghostbuster Ecto-1. Now that’s some serious sci-fi synergy right there.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hooligan Tactics HD Custom

Dubbed “Hooligan Tactics,” the project began with a slightly modified Harley Forty-Eight whose owner gave free rein to do whatever he liked with it. An XR1200 swingarm that had lying around inspired the custom build, with inverted forks (from a Suzuki GSX-R600) and piggyback shocks from Progressive Suspension following soon after.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Old Empire Typhoon

Typhoon started out life as a humble Ducati 900SS, a 1995 vintage, but only keen spotters will recognise the section of trellis frame and open clutch as a visual clue. Well, that and Ducati stamped on the engine casing. The rest is ingenuity through painstaking craftsmanship. The girder front end is a thing of real beauty, if you like old stuff from a golden era of engineering. A central spring is controlled by two friction dampers, adjusted by way of brass wing nuts. A brace of Amal GP3 carburettors feeds the 904cc L-twin proving, if proof were needed, that OEM really know their onions and have a nostalgic foot planted firmly in the rich heritage of British manufacturing. from The Bike Shed. Click for more INFO

Mean Green Royal Enfield Kustom

Aditya from Mumbai is an industrial designer and owner of Mean Green Customs, a design studio and custom workshop. Royal Enfields are as common a site on Mumbai’s streets as cars or trucks, and the current trend seems to be a tank swap and a bob of the rear end. The updated twin-spark, 350cc single is the heart of the build, a simple, tried and tested unit that can be repaired with a hammer and chewing gum. from The Bike Shed

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Filmography of Motorcycles Poster

The Filmography of Motorcycles by Cathryn Lavery of New York’s Calm the Ham features 79 intricately detailed hand-illustrations that charts the course of the motorcycle on the screen. Even fictional bikes get respect, like the Hell Cycle from Ghost Rider. Each print is 24" x 36", signed and numbered by Lavery from a first printing of 1000, on 100 lb. archival recycled thick stock paper pressed on an offset lithographic press in Brooklyn. BUY HERE

Motor-Head Lamps for Home

Motorcycle enthusiast and industrial designer Eran Peled takes the iconic motorcycle structure (resembling a bull’s skull), and designs a novel lighting fixture for the ages. The TORO isn’t some cheap replica either. These are built from actual motorcycles, using genuine parts that have been altered to match the desired bull head shape – complete with handlebar bull horns. Whether you’re looking for the finishing touch your living room, man cave, or home bar, you’d be hard pressed to top the TORO.

A Bomber on the Road

Kevils Bomber from