Thursday, March 24, 2011

Redonkulous 30″ Front Wheel

Redonkulous build by Custom Builder Dana Hallberg which is at the extreme with respect to its beauty and technologically. The word ridiculous is explained as something unbelievable at the top level of greatness, insanity or beauty in the Urban Dictionary. Redonkulous motor has a gorgeous finish treatment 155″ monster from R&R Engines working with a Legend Rivera transmission. Frame was cut under the transmission and a completely new rear section was fabricated to accept a custom swingarm fitted with a modified air ride handling smoothly the suspension of the 18″ x 10.5″ rear wheel. Front end is of MeanStreet (Brawler model) and brakes of JayBrake (J Series). This bike got honor by winning 2 times in a row in Freestyle Class during the Progressive International Mortorcycle Championship of Minneapolis and Chicago.

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