Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pan Fry'd

A truly unique motorcycle. Styled from the 50's and 60's. PanFry'd is a true one off custom motorcycle. It all starts with the heart of the motorcycle being an Accurate Engineering 93 CI Pan Head power-plant producing 93 Horsepower, a one off frame that incorporates a 1930 Superbell Straight Axle as the down-tube.

The gas tank was hand crafted from .125" thick copper sheet and the oil tank and fender fitting with copper cladding. The attention to detail flows through the entire bike from the old-school wiring to copper oil lines. They are comprised from a perimeter brake in the front and a rear disk brake hidden inside a 1934 Buick drum brake.

With air ride suspension under the seat to handle the big bumps and cure the rough ride of a hard-tail frame. And to touch it all off, an overwhelming amount of hand detailed Florentine styled engraving. A true display of what you can expect from Tough Customs.

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