Sunday, October 10, 2010

Comin' Up Rose

Amber Rose is a name that easily brings thoughts of glamor to mind, and the woman who bears that moniker possesses just enough mystery and intrigue to keep the paparazzi swarming around her every move. Born into an underprivileged circumstance in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Cape Verdean/Italian beauty learned at a young age to keep her head up and persevere despite the hurdles that life may bring.

“I grew up very poor, raised by a single mother,” Amber says. “We didn't have much as far as material things, but we had love and we had fun all the time. She raised me to have confidence and always taught me to be humble no matter what God brought my way… I’m confident in everything I do in life.”

by Gina Ponce

Photography by Mike Ruiz

Styling by Darius Baptist

Hair by Christian Marc

Makeup by Samuel Paul

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