Saturday, November 20, 2010

New School

The PS-8900 is a single adjustable, low cost, entry level shock; while the PS-8970 comes directly from Formula One and separates high and low speed compression adjustment like no other shocks on the market.

Sometimes what is not seen is more important than what is. The 1 inch diameter steering stem is cut from 17-4 precipitation hardened stainless steel. This is the toughest stainless steel available. Not only is it tough, but received considerable attention in the design process. Great care was taken to ensure that all of the turning torque from the handle bars was transmitted through the steering stem and not through the suspension. This was accomplished by splining the steering stem shaft where it passes through the upper “triple tree”. For the lower end, a ¾” shaft is threaded into each side of the “lower tree” and pins into the steering stem.

If you take a close look at the design you will find similarities too many older bicycle front ends. Designer Juston Rouse has a love for the classic mechanical styling of these older pieces of art which inspired Perse Performance's New School Vintage line. RoosteR Custom Cycles introduce to you the first front end in this line, "Classic." It can be built to suit any frame configuration, as well as a complete bolt on kit for all H-D Sportster models. This front end is available in polished stainless steel as well as standard DOM tubing with a powder coated finish.

Polished Stainless Steel front end w/headlight, brake mount & fender straps
- $5,029.95
Powder Coated DOM tube w/stainless steel components, headlight, brake mount & fender straps
- $4,029.95
DOM Tube no finish w/stainless steel components, headlight, brake mount & fender straps
- $3,729.95
If ordered with no headlight subtract
- $355.95

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