Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kamome Sprinter H-D

built by Charlie Stockwell of Warr’s Harley-Davidson, London
Synonymous with luxurious craftsmanship and one-off design, The Evisu x Warr’s Harley-Davidson Motorbike, aptly named the Kamome Sprinter, showcases a darkened harmonic combination of past vintage styles with modern functionality and celebrates the creativity and hand-made practices for which both brands are famous.
Every detail of this bike offers more than meets the eye. Look closely into the hand engraved engine covers and you will see Japanese inspired art. Nishikigoi Koi, scales, crashing waves and dragons are just some of what can be found on first glance of the beautifully and probably painstakingly hand engraved work of a local gunsmith in London. Look closer and you see more of the Evisu influence in symbols and characters used by the denim brand throughout their 20 year existence.

Design – Charlie Stockwell & Evisu
Completion - 8 weeks
Donor vehicle – 2011 H-D Softail Crossbones
Engine – 96ci Twin-Cam B
Trans – H-D 6-Speed
Frame – H-D Softail
Swingarm – H-D Softail
Forks – H-D Springer
Brakes – H-D
Exhaust – Warr’s/Charlie Stockwell - Spud Shooter Exhaust
Air Cleaner – Warr’s Cali’ Air Cleaner
Handlebars – Warr’s Kamome Drop Bars
Saddle – Warr’s Messinger Solo Antique Brown
Tire Front – Firestone Champion 4.00 x 18
Tire Rear – Firestone Champion 5.00 x 16
Front wheel – 18 x 3.5
Rear wheel – 16 x 3.5
Fenders – Warr’s Frisco
Headlamp – CSC
Tail lamp – CSC
Engraving – Warr’s by appointment
Denim Wrap – Charlie Stockwell & Evisu
Plating – London Chroming
Custom Paint – Classic Cycle Works
Website -
Words – Takayuki Ono
Photography – Marianne Logica