Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ratter than Ever

Bill York, of Vandalia, Illinois, could be called a Rat Bike aficionado. He’s amassed a vast number of ratted metric bikes, but one bike his collection lacked was an American V-twin. He had always been a fan of the brand (he bought a Fat Boy for his lady-friend a few years back), yet that sole American bike in his garage was the exact opposite of his others (and his lady-friend liked it the way it was). In his effort to complete his rat bike set, Bill went to his rat bike source, Todd Anglani of After Hours Bikes in Florida and created a joint venture to have an American V-twin rat bike built. Together, they worked out the details of what features he wanted this bike to have: tall tires, slammed to the pavement stance, patina as paint. By Greg Friend Of Gearhead Inc., Photography by Shooters Images, From HotBike

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