Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New School Tracker 65

In Southwest France, built by  V-Twin Mechanic
With modified 127″ Pandemic motors, a high Performance Evo block producing 140 hp, using a lot of Ultima components and fitted with re-machined Panhead style parts. Carburation is provided by a Mikuni HSR 48 dressed with a Meteor model Rebuffini air cleaner. Driveline is composed of a 5 into 4-kick start RevTech tranny, of an Ultima 3.5″ narrow open belt system with a chain for final drive. Front end is a shortened Harley Dyna on which were installed a pair of rubber boots. Handlebar comes from a Ducati 996 modified in 1″ OD to accept Italian Rebuffini hand controls.

65 rolls on a pair of 23″ wheels, model “Black Poker” from Southern Motorcycle Works. with integral braking (both and rear brakes work together and silmatuatel) via PM discs and Harrison Billet calipers. Headlight (painted) and solo seat were sourced at Crime scene Choppers, Metallic flake paint job by Hot Quad. (photography copyright Eric Corlay courtesy to Cyril Huze) from Cyril Huze Blog

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