Monday, October 15, 2012

Hendee Deviant

“Hendee Deviant” name is making reference to Indian co-founder George Mallory Hendee and using on purpose the H&D initials of Harley-Davidson. It starts with a single loop frame with a 28-degree rake. Powerplant is his own proprietary 84″ Flathead Kiwi Engine (42 deg, with 3 1/4 stroke 5″ bore) using a CV carburetor and connected to his 4-speed overdrive and synchromesh transmission Foot clutch and hand shift were a must have. “Hendee Deviant” rolls on a pair of 21″ Spoke wheels from Ride Wright fitted with Kiwi narrow hubs, 10″ discs and JayBrake calipers.

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