Friday, January 25, 2013

Rat Patrol - Mutant Bicycle

Johnny Payphone coveted the WWII era Harley and BMW edition sidecar motorcycles and their burly cousin the Ural. But he could never afford one. So he adapted the design, taking what he liked from each bike, imagining the sort of sidecar bike that would be cobbled together from Axis and Allied parts after a daring escape from a Nazi prison camp in North Africa during WWII. His inspiration was the Long Range Desert Group, a rag-tag bunch of desert commandos who antagonized Rommel with their fast, light vehicles and "nip and scurry" attack style. They were the inspiration for the TV show Rat Patrol, which was not actually the inspiration for his bike club The Rat Patrol (instead it was our patrolling of the alleys for rats), and so this is the "Rat Patrol" edition of the bike.

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