Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Old Empire Typhoon

Typhoon started out life as a humble Ducati 900SS, a 1995 vintage, but only keen spotters will recognise the section of trellis frame and open clutch as a visual clue. Well, that and Ducati stamped on the engine casing. The rest is ingenuity through painstaking craftsmanship. The girder front end is a thing of real beauty, if you like old stuff from a golden era of engineering. A central spring is controlled by two friction dampers, adjusted by way of brass wing nuts. A brace of Amal GP3 carburettors feeds the 904cc L-twin proving, if proof were needed, that OEM really know their onions and have a nostalgic foot planted firmly in the rich heritage of British manufacturing. from The Bike Shed. Click for more INFO

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