Friday, October 16, 2009

Kustom Knives

Rick Eaton blades...

In France Laroche has won numerous art awards for his off-the-wall sculptures. I recently bought the last few knives he had. I am nuts about his work. It’s so classically eccentric, I believe it will become a cult attraction for those who enjoy the whimsy of the unusual.

The Gibeon Meteorite struck earth 4 billion years ago and the remains are about to disappear, so Namibia has imposed a ban on the export of this exotic material. Des Horn, the perfectionist knife maker, has crafted an especially well designed folding dagger. Four Gold pins open the blade. The Damasteel frame and blade are the perfect foil for the once molten comet that is formed in a fantastic array on geometrical crystalline patterns. Rare and getting rarer.

18K Gold vines in this magnificent very deeply green Jade inter-frame art folder. The inter-frame handle is fully covered with detailed engraving, and the double ground dagger blade sets off the handle. For more CLICK HERE. or HERE.

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