Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Norton & BSA

This Norton was the model 4 pm of 1937 that was chooses as her guarding on the ground brought up. This 500cc was solo used and several times hitched. We used it on all the grounds of operations of the Second World War. The Norton was appreciated for her staunch robustness. the BSA was a good machine of road, however less handy than. The modifications brought with regard to the civil model were small. We added her a clog of protection under the engine and supports of canvas-bags as on all the military motorcycles. In 1939, she was equipped with an enormous air filter on the reservoir for the Sands War. Norton, who was the second manufacturer of military motorcycles behind BSA, conceived also a side-car any ground with driving wheel, the Big Four, of a capacity of 633 cc.
Great Britain was the biggest supplier of military motorcycles. 425 000 machines were produced in England during the Second World War. With more than 125 000 copies the BSA WD M 20 was the one which was the most made. The military version had besides the civil model one carries luggage and two strong supports for canvas-bags. This strong and reliable motorcycle was used on all the fronts: in France, in Italy, in North Africa, where she received in 1941 a long side crutch allowing to put her in the sand. WD M 20 also received a special equipment on the headlight to make " Black out ". from southsiders

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