Friday, March 19, 2010

Headbanging Kustoms

by the Italian team of Giorgio Sandi and Luciano Andreoli from Headbanger Motorcycles.
Softail frame and keeping the stock engine (or in this case a Rev Tech 88″). Just install front & rear fat 130/16″ tires, a Sportster peanut gas tank, replace the horseshoe shaped oil tank, add a solo seat, run a chain via a 3″ open belt system and add a few retro looking parts like low bars and a top fender mounted taillight.

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  1. Had a fiend who rode a rigid Trumpet chop who molded a "nad catcher" into his tank, similar to the yellow scoot. What's a nad catcher, you ask? In a front end collision, the rider has a tendency to superman over the bars. That extended filler tube is sure to ctach a nad (or two) on the way over... Not only would you have to deal with SSS (sudden stop syndrome), but findin' yer marbles after a wreck. =) Squirts