Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kamome Sprinter

It was built by Charlie Stockwell, of the London Harley-Davidson dealer Warr’s, and it’s a collaboration with the Japanese denim label Evisu—a pioneer of intricate, small-scale selvedge production. The look is dark and vintage, offset by warm nickel plating and glimpses of denim trim.

The engine covers are hand-engraved with Japanese-inspired art, including Nishikigoi Koi fish, scales and crashing waves. It’s the work of a London gunsmith and contains symbols used by Evisu over the brand’s 20-year existence.

The engine, gas tank, hand-rolled fenders and handlebars have all been polished and nickel-plated. Every fastener has received the same care and attention, and Evisu denim wraps the brake lines and clutch cable—adding to the quirky yet vintage look. There’s denim on the gas tank and battery cover too, which sits beneath a hand-made sprung solo seat finished in antique brown leather. The box also hides the ECM and fuses, and features the trademark Evisu rear pocket ‘Kamome’ (or seagull) design.

Images courtesy of Marianne Logica.
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