Monday, November 28, 2011

Volkswagen Trying To Convince You Than A Jetta Is Better Than A Motorcycle!

Cyril Huze found this 75-second campaign for Volkswagen South Africa to sell Jettas somewhat dumb. Advertising USP (or Unique Selling Proposition) made by the German manufacturer? If you want to taste freedom and to look super cool, a Jetta is much better than your motorcycle. Why, they argue? Of course because you will not have to suffer from the heat, cold, rain, will not eat bugs, will not get dirty, etc.

First, he didn’t know that people were tortured at the idea of choosing between a motorcycle and a new VW Jetta. Second, the creative team behind this campaign is made of guys/gals with absolutely no idea that riding a motorcycle is much more than wind, rain and bugs. They are not bikers, can’t understand, reason why they produced such a commercial. Your opinion?

from CyrilHuze Blog


  1. Well first i need to say, i was hoping more from this ad, ( maybe they would show an old beetle at the end, and say something like " we share your feeling" ) but then they just ruin everything comparing the freedom and feel of a motorcycle with a car that's not even a sports car, just a family sedan... I just don't get it, personally i'm kind of mad with the whole thing.

  2. I think those to blokes belong in a cager who would want them riding in their pack!

    I think the ad is great……..if your a dumbass stay off motorbikes and drive a car like all the other incompetent members of the public who have no idea what is happening around them on the road..

    The real bikers are still riding at the end