Monday, February 27, 2012

Pea Shooter - Revatu

“Ode To A Legend” was built from the ground up by RenĂ© Van Tuil in Netherlands. The bike is painstakingly hand fabricated.
With modified 350 cc 1958 Bernard engine (originally Bernard static pump W110 engine) with a Solex carb modified for motorcycle throttle and a custom made breather valve between rocker boxes. Also with a reverse-gear primary drive and adapted a gm-180 clutch. Dummy magneto. Front end and all sheet metal, gas/oil tank, seat pan, exhaust is one-off. No front brake and clutch hub final drive pocket-bike rear braking system. Both wheels are 28″ alloy bicycle wrapped in Schwalbe 28” x2.00-700x48c HS 338 tires. Painted by Cor Blom. Revatu Customs. (pictures by Onno Wieringa courtesy AMD Championship) from CyrilHuze Blog

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