Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Killer Cars in Mad Max Fury Road

Nux's Chevy five-window coupe, with a super-turbocharged, nitrous-boosted, steel coil, V8 engine.

“There were cars that would only drive in reverse, and some had to snap in half,” Gibson says. Many of the wide-range shots were filmed with helicopters and drones at up to 100 kilometers (62 miles) per hour. All the stunts were real.

“The camera department was terrified,” he says. “When you have 80 cars flying at 80-km per hour, occasionally you have some that don’t keep up. We destroyed more than half of those in the actual making of the film.”

Various other cars in the War Boys crew that dot the edges of the film were rat rods and muscle cars from between 1940 to 1989. They were chosen because of their stiff chassis and stylish curves (despite poor aerodynamics)—and made to be destroyed. Mad Max: Fury Road is nothing, if not one hell of a demolition derby by the time credits roll. Read more

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