Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Magpul’s Ronin

Buell 1125R transformed into customized Magpul’s ‘Ronin.” If one is looking for an aggressive ride to rip up the streets this is your baby. A light bike of 413 lbs, it’s lightness gives the rider a faster and instinctive experience with precise steering. The bike is meant for off road performance making Magpul’s ‘Ronin’ possibly street illegal.

*Due to its name, Ronin, meaning a masterless samurai or a wandering/drifting one. Buell 1152R has no home after Harley-Davidson closed down Buell Motorcycle Company hence the name Ronin for Magpul’s re-envisioned Buell 1152R.

*There are only 47 of Mapul’s ‘Ronin’ made and available for purchase.

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